Friday, 19 June 2015

Custom Furniture That You (Yes, YOU!) Can Totally Afford

Custom Furniture That You (Yes, YOU!) Can Totally Afford

In the past, "custom furniture" fell into the same category as "personal chef" and "ski house in Aspen": Things we'd all really, really like to have, but probably would never be able to afford. But Joybird[1] is changing the custom furniture game: The brand has sofas starting at $1,499, chairs from $799, ottomans from $399—or, the same prices you're already paying for quality furniture. Plus, for most pieces the brand offers 74 fabrics, five wood stains, and the option to change the width or depth. For example, an extra $200 will take your sofa up or down four inches in width, $400 will take you up or down eight inches, and so on. SO GOOD if your home has hard-to-fit spaces, or if you're super-tall (or super-short) and want a seat with a non-standard depth.

Here are six pieces we'd bring home today. (Yes, there are a lot of blues and grays below, but, again, there are 74 fabrics to choose from, in every color of the rainbow.)


Hughs Sofa[2], from $1,849.


Eliot Chair[3], from $849.


Hughes Tabletop Ottoman[4], from $649.


Roller Sectional[5], from $3,399.


Woodson Chair[6], from $899.


Liam Sofa[7], from from $2,399.

Click here to check out all of Joybird's home offerings.[8]

Photos: Courtesy of Joybird


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