Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Expert Scoop on 2015's Top Bridal Nail Trends

The Expert Scoop on 2015's Top Bridal Nail Trends

All That Glitters

"Glitter is becoming a real trend," says Far. "Either a gold or silver glitter tip or a glitter half moon with a nude or beige colored nail. It might sounds crazy, but it can actually be done in a really subtle, classy way. It adds a dash of fun to the whole wedding traditional and is really pretty. We've also been seeing glitter additions on a traditional French manicure—a line of glitter over the white tip or a line of glitter above the white tip."

In Shape 

"Either a square with rounded edges or round shape are our most popular right now," says Far. 

Daring is a Do 

"One client in our Beverly Hills salon asked for a French manicure, but with black and gold tips then negative space in between the black and gold. I thought that was pretty untraditional and daring for a wedding."

Classic Color 

"Most traditional brides stick to a pale pink or nude color. It looks classic and a bit understated, but stands out because it's so clean and polished. Bolder brides will do a red or pink, but it's still mostly lighter colors and traditional French manicures that are the most popular."

To the Point 

"Pointy nails. They just aren't practical, and usually require acrylics, which most women don't want to get. They tend to damage your natural nails. Also, those sharp points could hurt someone!

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