Friday, 19 June 2015

Science Says: 5 Seconds Doing This Every Day Will Help Keep Weight Off

Science Says: 5 Seconds Doing This Every Day Will Help Keep Weight Off

Want a tip that'll help you trim down and keep the weight off—in just seconds a day? Step on a scale every morning. That crazy-quick habit is super-effective at helping people get (and stay) slim, found a new study[1] in the Journal of Obesity.


Usually when someone forces me to step on a scale, I look the other way—that unfortch probably doesn't count, because part of the deal with this new research, from Cornell University, is that you also have to keep track of your daily weigh-ins.

Recording that number on a regular basis, and being able to see how it fluctuates (or doesn't) really forces you to be cognizant of how your daily diet and activities affect your weight, say researchers.

Even better than just helping people drop the pounds (which is pretty fabulous in itself) is that the frequent weigh-ins helped study participants maintain their new weight for two years. And here's why that is big news: After slimming down, the average person packs the pounds back on within just one year.

A simple, so-fast trick that makes us more likely to keep the weight off for at least twice that long? We'll take it.

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