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Watch This Guy Propose to a Girl He’s Loved Since They Were Both 10 Years Old

Watch This Guy Propose to a Girl He’s Loved Since They Were Both 10 Years Old

Any guy can get one down on one knee with a ring, but when you're proposing to a girl you've loved since you were both 10 years old, you're probably going to plan something a little more grand. Which is why Sam wasn't going to settle for been-there/seen-that when he asked his girlfriend, Jessica, who he met in the fifth grade, to be his wife.

When Sam's cousin, Matty, who's been writing and producing his own music for years, asked Sam and Lauren to be the featured couple in his new music video, Lauren was excited but not surprised. She and Sam were always up for supporting Matty, watching him play at local bars and appearing in extras as previous videos.

This video involved plenty of familiar extras—Sam's sister, Jess's twin sister, her parents, and other childhood friends. While the heavily orchestrated day—with costume and location changes—might have made some girls suspicious, Jess told How He Asked[1], "this was nothing out of the ordinary since all of our friends and family have always helped Matty out in the past."

They filmed at LOVE Park in Philadelphia, at their parents' homes, and, for the final scene, at a restaurant owned by a family friend.

"The scene was similar to the others we had filmed earlier in the day," Jess recalled, "until Matty started playing the song. The entire day I had been told that the single was called 'Under the Stars,' but when Matty started playing, I realized it was a completely different song. I still didn't really know what was happening until he sang the last line of the song: 'I've been hoping that you'll marry me someday.'"

Watch the proposal unfold here:

Read more about Sam and Jessica's proposal story here.[2]

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Photos: via How He Asked.


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