Wednesday, 10 June 2015

How I Get Myself to The Gym When It Feels Impossible

How I Get Myself to The Gym When It Feels Impossible

Remember and Focus on What You Can Control

Lastly, I always try to refocus my way of thinking, based on remembering how empowering it is that I have control of exercising. Life is scary, and the world can be a scary place. There are so many unknowns, and so very many things we can't control. I have anxiety about plenty of things. One time, experiencing a bout of anxiety, a wise friend reminded me that things like eating well, sleeping, and exercising are some of the only things we can control, so to just focus on them. In the midst of an overwhelming world with a billion moving parts that we literally have no control over, she simply said, "think about what you can control. Remember what you can do that's good for you. You can eat something nourishing, you can move and sweat, you can drink water. So just do that, and don't think about the rest." It was the most simple adivce and truth, yet it was so profound in that moment, and it remains quite profound for me. When I'm having a day where I think, "ughhhhhh I can't. I refuse to work out." I remember that truth, and I think about how amazing and empowering and good for me it is, that I can control taking care of myself in the form of a daily visit to the gym. That's something that I can do. And because of that, it's something I should do. I should work out, because it's a small part of treating myself well that I can control, amidst many factors that I cannot control. And that's a gift. 

Do you have any tricks for getting yourself to the gym when it feels impossible? Share them in the comments below, and click here[1] for the scoop on the coolest new water bottle to fuel your sweat sessions. 


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