Wednesday, 17 June 2015

I Tried L.A.'s Trendiest Workout: Here's What Happened

I Tried L.A.'s Trendiest Workout: Here's What Happened

First thing's first, your knowledge of "aerial anything" is likely "aerial yoga," because that's what gained popularity over the last decade. I had only ever heard about aerial yoga, too. I did not realize that the concept of aerial exercise applied beyond traditional yoga, to the idea of a standard fitness class—except one that involves the use of silk hammocks. Basically, AIR Aerial Fitness[1] is like a boot camp workout, just involving the silks. So you do push-ups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, burpees, as well as yoga and Pilates-based moves—all of it—except with the individual silk swing pictured above. And let me tell ya—that stuff is hard when you're stabilizing your body to balance different parts suspended in the hammock. It is majorly muscle-intensive and utterly amazing and empowering. But more on that in a minute! 

AIR started in Chicago and expanded to Los Angeles in October of last year. It is the only aerial fitness studio in L.A., and I'd been hearing increasing buzz about it for weeks. Still relatively under the radar, it's the kind of workout that spreads by word of mouth and is different enough to become cult. The studio is quite visually impressive, which, for a workout, is kind of the idea, if you ask me. How much more inspiring is it to work out in a place that makes your eyes happy, versus some dingy window-less gym? My jaw basically dropped when I walked into the high-ceiling space with stunning turquoise silks that looked like an art exhibition. The room is so open, bright, and airy, with views of The Hills past La Cienega (and my favorite Coffee Bean to boot). It's a very breezy, uplifting place to exercise in. So, +1 for the venue. Pictures don't even do its impressiveness justice. 


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