Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Kate Middleton Is Not the Most Impressive Royal Outfit Re-Wearer

Kate Middleton Is Not the Most Impressive Royal Outfit Re-Wearer

Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth and sister to Prince Charles[1], just proved she has some serious fashion mettle. At Royal Ascot[2] yesterday, the princess wore a mustard yellow coat and matching hat the world has seen her in before—30 years ago!


The first time the princess wore the outfit was at the Trooping of the Colour in 1980, the same event that happened this weekend[3]. In the older pic, below, it appears that Anne has on a different hat and brooch, but other than that, it's a nearly identical outfit (which makes you wonder how meticulously the royals store their clothes).


No, one of those adorable little boys isn't Prince William. From L to R: the Duchess of Kent, the Queen Mother, Prince Edward, Princess Anne, Princess Alexandra, and the Duchess of Gloucester. The little boy pointing at the crowd is Anne's son Peter.

While Princess Anne's outfit re-wearing capabilities surely put any other royal to shame, there's no denying Kate Middleton[4]'s becoming a pro at it too. Beyond that, the Kate-effect has fans buying outfits she wears in unprecedented numbers (though, in fairness, it's likely because earlier generations wore mostly custom creations).

The striped navy and white top Kate wore to watch polo with Prince George this weekend? Three-month waiting list[5].

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Now, let's all re-live the glory that was Kate and William's wedding:

Photos: Rex USA, Getty Images

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