Thursday, 11 June 2015

Makeup Artist Pat McGrath's Most Epic Work in Teen Vogue

Makeup Artist Pat McGrath's Most Epic Work in Teen Vogue

Today, Pat McGrath, easily the world's most famous makeup artist, celebrates her birthday. And as our very own beauty director Elaine Welteroth wrote in the Teen Vogue Handbook, "it would probably be easier to enumerate the very few top designers, photographers she hasn't worked on than to rattle off the staggeringly long list of those she has." Pat's contribution to the worlds of fashion and beauty is quite literally unparalleled, from her legendary, reality-defying work with the late Lee Alexander McQueen to the various makeup collections she has helped come to fruition, from Covergirl to Dolce & Gabbana.

You could call us biased, but our very favorite Pat McGrath moments happened in the pages of our magazine, where she's created back-to-school makeup looks inspired by her work on the runways, and taken the cat eye to beyond epic proportions. Click through to see our favorite photos of her work, and be sure to send her birthday wishes on her Instagram[1].


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