Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Why Oil Cleansing Your Hair is a Game-Changer

Why Oil Cleansing Your Hair is a Game-Changer

First things first—how exactly do cleansing oil shampoos, like Shu Uemuera's new Cleansing Oil Shampoo[1] ($57), benefit your strands? We turned to the pros for the answer. "Cleansing oil benefits the hair for a number of reasons," Cibu stylist and educator Heather Comer says. "Most shampoos contain strong surfactants, which strip your hair of its natural oils. Therefore, your scalp must work twice as hard to replace the oil that the shampoo removed; this could lead to a tighter scalp, which means a weaker strand." Cleansing oils, on the other hand, use essential oils like neroli to gently attract and remove excessive oil, leaving your scalp healthy and clean. Plus, many natural oils also have antibacterial properties, Comer notes.

To use a cleansing oil shampoo, you simply apply to your strands and gently massage into your roots like you would a normal shampoo. "You don't need a regular shampoo afterwards," Cibu technical and artistic director, Sharon So, says. "It won't leave an oily residue." As for the hair types that benefit most from a cleansing oil, So says it's good for all hair types, but best for those with medium to coarse hair. "I wouldn't recommend to anyone who has super fine hair," she says. Comer agrees, saying that cleansing oil is most beneficial for chemically-dependent, curly or wavy, and super-parched strands. So—will cleansing oils be here to stay? Comer and So both think yes. "I absolutely think cleansing oils are going to stay around," Comer says. "What are our clients look for? Beautiful, soft strands that can withstand the evolution of beauty. The benefits of cleansing oil shampoos are endless."

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