Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Kelly Ripa Just Dyed Her Hair Bright Bright BRIGHT Pink

Kelly Ripa Just Dyed Her Hair Bright Bright BRIGHT Pink

Kelly Ripa[1], whose blond wavy haircut[2] we were admiring just earlier today, announced tonight via Instagram that she has entered a pink phase with her hair color[3].

Her caption: "For the love of P!NK @ryantrygstadhair you are boss!"

The man she tagged, Ryan Trygstad, is her longtime hairstylist who also posted this shot of her new color:

Ripa has pulled off many looks in the past—including some questionable turns in her soap opera years[4]—so pink isn't totally out of reach for her. But we'll wait for a front-on shot before we pass judgment on her new hue. In the meantime one thing is certain: The rainbow hair color trend isn't quite over in Hollywood yet, whether we like it or not.[5]

Photo by Instagram


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