Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Best Airport Looks from Your Favorite Celebs

The Best Airport Looks from Your Favorite Celebs

When people first began traveling by airplane, it was a major happening. Families would put on their Sunday best as they prepared to traverse the state, the country, or the great wide Atlantic. But somewhere along the line, jet-set style went from dressing to the nines, to looking like you were dressing for bed.

We're all about comfort—especially for those long flights—but it's important to find a look that appeals to both form and function. Want to wear a pair of cool sweats? Go for it, just accessorize with a structured bag or a hat and sunnies. Opting for sneakers? Just pair with a cool jacket and you're good to go. And if there is anyone who knows how to travel in style, it's your favorite celebs. From Cara[1] and Kendall[2] to Karlie[3] and Chloe[4], these girls have nailed airport dressing time and again.

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